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Building product marketing professionals have unique challenges serving a new generation of AEC professionals.

  • Multiple disciplines using a variety of different applications and content formats
  • Many different destinations to access audience of varying quality
  • Lack of consistent industry standards to ensure quality of content

Manufacturers need to establish their own website as the authoritative source for BIM content distribution. Then leverage additional design applications and public access content hosting sites to further expand access to technical product information for the commercial design community.



Your website should always be the authoritative source for accurate product information. It is the nucleus of any digital marketing strategy, reflecting your brand and product advantages to the AEC community. With technical products, SEO  programs remain a challenge as the only way for users to discover you.

many audiences

The problem in delivering a digital experience in today’s commercial construction industry is that (a) there is a wide variety of audiences and practitioners and (b) they all need high quality, digitized product data in multiple formats to support the applications and workflows they use everyday. A well orchestrated SEO strategy is not enough.

Content Delivery

Gaining access to the AEC professionals you care about is challenging as there are so many different destinations, applications, locations and disciplines that consume content at any given moment in time. As a marketing professional, addressing this content delivery challenge can be overwhelming.



gridCloud delivers the right product content at the right time through a connected network of applications used by the most important AEC firms.  With gridCloud, your content is delivered directly inside the applications they use every day.  gridCloud brings the product search experience directly to the end user rather than hoping they open a browser to start searching.


gridCloud expands your market and delivers a higher quality search experience right in the applications that AEC practitioners use everyday. Getting to the right desktop with the right data at the right time is essential, and gridCloud maximizes this opportunity through the BIM Content Delivery Network.


Now, digital marketing professionals have a better approach to get their products discovered and selected in a project while gaining more visibility to activities in the commercial construction market. gridAnalytics lets you see real-time activity across the network so that you can refine your strategy, focus your SEO, and direct further investments in BIM content where it matters the most.