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Revit Project & Product Information


gridProject delivers Building Product Manufacturers (BPMs) the opportunity to discover a Revit family’s product journey from selection to documentation within active Revit Projects from leading Global AEC firms.

Track Performance Trends

  • Research which manufacturer specific products are actually inserted into Revit project designs
  • Identify AEC roles, project names, building types, and competitive activity in over 150,000 projects of over $3MM in value
  • Use historical data to analyze long-term trends.
  • Measure sales performance against actual Revit project market analysis.
  • Research the most active building types and product categories.
  • Identify new opportunities in over 4,000 NEW Revit projects per month.
  • Discover when NEW & Updated Revit models are placed into ACTIVE Revit designs.

Conduct In-Depth Research

  • Identify the most interesting commercial projects in pre-bid phase.
  • Develop a database of which AEC firms select and specify your products.
  • Understand product selections within potential new building types.
  • Develop Basis of Design reports across all projects

Identify Opportunities

  • Monitor product category trends to measure your performance against
  • Target design professionals interested in your BIM content.
  • Market your Revit product content to key decision-makers before decisions are made

gridBPM improves your market reach by giving BIM professionals enhanced ACCESS to your content, enabling you to ENGAGE new AEC audiences, and empowering you to ANALYZE the performance of your BIM content.