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The Power of the Network

BPM marketing professionals are focused on building brand awareness, getting their products into more projects, and being recognized by the design and construction community for delivering high-quality BIM content and an excellent digital customer experience.  gridCloud helps achieve these goals and much more.

With gridCloud, you can:

  • ACCESS multiple design & construction content destinations to get your products discovered and downloaded.
  • ENGAGE customers by delivering a variety of high-quality product data and drive traffic back to the authoritative source – your website.
  • ANALYZE all activity across the network to gain market insight and adjust your digital marketing strategy to drive more project wins.
  • Easily upload and maintain your content – all in one place – in the cloud
  • Delivers your high-quality BIM content automatically in the most popular applications and destinations used by engineers and contractors
  • Access real-time analytics into user searches and content downloads
    … and much more
use the power of the network.
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